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Unabashedly sharing three personal stories of turmoil, Helmer establishes himself as a credible coach for triumphing after loss. The lifestorm stories, related with brutal honesty, inspire professionals to find the silver lining amid their own suffering; the powerful products of pain being new-found grit and self-reliance. Following this are 26 milestone mini-chapters, serving as a veritable guidebook for living a high-performing life day in and day out. Perfect for individual learning or group workshops, Lead with Endurance will empower readers to develop a mindset for achieving success.

Elizabeth Prentice

I ordered several books to share with my young adult children. I love reading something they’re interested in reading so we can share insights together. I picked it up and read the epilogue, then read the intro. ,( that’s the way I read a book 😬) and then marathoned through every single hurdle and milestone. I failed! It’s meant to be processed and slowly digested as you apply each milestone, but I could not put the book down!!! I wanted to read more! It is refreshingly honest, challenging, and so, so practical! Specific ideas and practical life applications fill each milestone! I will go back and slowly re-read, answering questions, journaling thoughts, and planning to apply changes. I can’t wait to start! This will be perfect to do with family members and colleagues!
I failed the first time through, which is a testimony to the content of this book, I couldn’t stop reading it!
Btw, I didn’t feel like going to swim laps last night! But because Lead with Endurance was fresh on my mind, I swam, pushed through it, processed my day while swimming, and was so glad I did!
Thank you, Greg Helmer, for being so transparent in this book! May it be used to sharpen our leadership and endurance in everything we do!

Tami Grotenhuis

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Leadership can be challenging; I’m here to lighten the load off your shoulders. I’m an honest and positive professional whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. Get in touch to start enjoying my services today.



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“Challenges in our personal and professional lives are inevitable. Lead with Endurance provides the necessary tools to endure the discomforts of life and leadership.  Greg’s book will leave you with a mindset and drive to succeed, learning and growing from each milestone along the way.”

Jon Gordon, author of The Power of Positive Leadership and The Energy Bus

“Greg successfully manages his Tourette’s Syndrome, has conquered treatment for a brain tumor and rose above the loss of a highly public position.  LwE is a book that will quickly catch your attention while providing a long-lasting impression of how to live and lead.”

Dr. Chad Uptigrove

“Lead with Endurance is a not just a book, it’s a guide that includes 26.2 proven lessons that will transform your mindset and provide lessons on how to live and lead without being afraid of facing challenges.  From book studies of small cohort groups to entire organizations, Greg’s stories and strategies provide a framework for thinking, leading, and enduring.”

Brian Diemer, 3-Time Olympian, Track and Field, USA Team Captain, 1992

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